Current Onboarding vs Future Stages

There are a number of features in our latest task flow that we did not have a chance to implement:

  1. The ability to import chats
  2. Tutorial on how to use the app
  3. The ability to modify your Textie time, or add new ones
  4. Brief summary of Textie for new users

Thoughts before taking this class


Understanding Existing Behavior: Baseline Study

From our baseline study and post-study interviews, we had a couple of key takeaways:

  • The list view of unread texts often overwhelmed the users and prevented them from responding. We saw from many of our users that there were multiple periods through the day where they were incentivized to respond to their text messages. However, when they actually went on to their messaging app, they were overwhelmed by the long list of blue circles and were too daunted to actually begin the task.
  • The “heaviness” of the text previews often dictated whether they would respond or not. Some of the participants who identified as…

Sketchnotes from Chapter 6 of Universal Tools from the book Observing the User Experience.

In Angry Birds …

The action behind Angry Birds goes beyond flinging birds and wrecking pigs.

Paulina Anzaldo

CS @ Stanford | Incoming Software Engineer @ Facebook

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